Farmer and Sheep DogQ: Do I pay any fees to Sedona AG Services for finding me a job?

A: No, there is never a fee to the job seeker.

Q: How can Sedona AG Services help me as a job seeker?

A: By submitting your resume through Sedona AG, you can be considered for numerous jobs in your field. Other value offerings include:

Q: How do I apply?

A: The easiest way to apply is to send us your resume. Otherwise, you can apply directly by clicking apply now.

Q: Can Sedona AG help me with my resume, and is there a cost?

A: We are able to help active candidates with their resume at no cost to you as a job seeker.

Q: How will I find out about a job opportunity?

A: Job opportunities can be found on our website. We may also communicate job openings via phone or email.

Q: Do you provide benefits?

A: We have the ability to offer a comprehensive benefits package, depending upon the client agreement.

Q: What locations does Sedona AG recruit for?

A: Sedona AG is a nationwide recruiter.

Q: How long do you keep my information active?

A:  We have your resume in our database, and will stay on file with us indefinitely, unless you state otherwise.