When I first started with Sedona AG in 2005, I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t heard of them before and wasn’t familiar with their business model. What I quickly learned is that they have developed very strong relationships in the AG community and have become a critical partner with many of the key players in the industry. Over the course of my 6 years with Sedona, I watched many individuals make huge career advancements, including myself. Many people continued to grow in their roles within Sedona, while others went on to find excellent opportunities directly with Sedona’s clients. While I was impressed with the skills Sedona helped me advance, I was even more impressed with the professional people surrounding me in the organization as well as the culture of teamwork, family and continuous learning. Thank you Sedona for exposing me to good people, great education and awesome opportunities!”

District Sales Manager
for a major animal health manufacturer


I have been employed by Sedona Staffing for 15 years. During that time my job responsibilities and compensation have evolved with the ever-changing Agriculture industry. It is rewarding to work for a small company, yet have access to excellent training and leadership. Sedona has allowed an environment for my own self development along with an opportunity for promotions and professional advancement. Sedona has been a secure, long term employer for me.”

Megan Kaduce
St Peter, MN

 “My employment with Sedona was a jumpstart into a great career with Monsanto. Working with Sedona enabled me to establish networks within Monsanto and open a new career path in agriculture that I am really enjoying.”

Glenda Gehl, OH (Monsanto)

 “I have worked for Sedona AG for almost 10 years. Sedona has helped me as a sales professional to develop my sales skills as a Territory Sales Manager and recently gave me an opportunity to work with an up-and-coming seed company as a District Sales Manager. There is no question that I would not have the professional skills that I have today if not for the people at Sedona and the companies they work with on a daily basis.”

Rod Bare, PA (Hubner Seeds)

 “I worked for Sedona AG for 7 years; it was a great place for me to start my career. The skills I learned along with the professionalism of employees and managers set me on a path to success.”

Clint Black, PA (Hubner Seeds)