Joint Expectations

Job SeekersJob Seeker:

When working with or for Sedona AG Services, it is important to note that the recruitment and job placement process needs to be a two-way street of open communication. To help you, the job seeker, better understand our processes, please take a look below at our Joint Expectations.

What a Job Seeker can expect from Sedona AG Services:

  • All fees paid by potential employers
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism and clear expectations throughout relationship
  • Career Counseling with one of our professional Account Managers
  • Resume analysis and assistance

Job Seeker – Next Steps:

  1. Once a resume is received, it is evaluated by an Account Manager in relation to all positions available within our company. If the initial evaluation is favorable, the Account Manager will follow up with the candidate via phone or email.
  2. When it is determined that a candidate meets the criteria set forth by a client, more in depth information may be requested, and the Account Manager will conduct a phone interview with the applicant. References will be contacted and further documentation of skills and achievements may be requested.
  3. Possible job opportunities will always be discussed with a candidate before any information is submitted to a client for review. Sedona Ag Services will only send your resume to potential employers with your prior consent.
  4. When a match is found, Sedona AG Services will provide a complete synopsis of your skills and qualifications to the employer. Communication with Sedona AG Services, the potential employer, and the job seeker during this time is constant. The Account Manager will act as the facilitator for interview expectations.
  5. Interview preparation will be offered to a candidate consisting of company information, compensation, interviewing tips, etc.
  6. Post-interview follow-up will occur between the job seeker and Sedona AG Account Manager.

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