Joint Expectations


When working with or for Sedona AG Services, it is important to note that the recruitment and job placement process needs to be a two-way street of open communication and sharing of expectations. To help you, the client, better understand our processes, please take a look below at our Joint Expectations

  1. Initial Conversation / Fact Finding About Your Organization: To find candidates that match the culture and performance objectives of your organization, our Account Managers need to understand your organization and the position you seek to fill. We will work with you to understand:
    • The history and culture of your company.
    • Discuss the need / open position:
      1. What qualities does your organization value most in a potential candidate for this role?
      2. Current work culture / what qualifications do your current top performers possess?
      3. Why the position is available, what are areas of improvement for this role that a new employee could bring to the table?
    • A job description of the role typically helps Sedona AG Services to ensure all qualifications are met prior submittal, but is not needed. In fact, we can work with you and your organization to help scribe a job description based off our shared communication about the role.
  2. Searching & Screening of Potential Candidates: Sedona AG Services will conduct an extensive search process that includes candidate screening, testing, personality profiling, educational & criminal background checks and an in-depth interview.
  3. Candidate Submittals: Once Sedona AG Services identifies candidates that have completed the initial screening processes and either meet or exceed your expectations of skills and qualifications of the role, you can expect a copy of the candidate’s professional resume as well as a 1-2 page candidate summary that the Account Manager has personally prepared. The candidate summaries typically include, why the candidate is interested in the role, why they left each previous role, highlighted achievements on resume, strengths, areas of potential development, salary expectations, availability, open to relocation, reference comments, and any other pieces of information that may add insight to your hiring decision. It is our policy to send you the best fit candidates.
  4. Client Interview Selection: Sedona AG Services is willing to take the time needed to review each candidate to help you decide if you would like to phone or face-to-face interview the candidate. If the candidate is not a good fit, we will work with you to better understand the lacking qualities and fine tune our search as needed.
  5. Client / Candidate Interview: Sedona AG will work with you to communicate expectations of the interview: date, time, location, expectations, pre-work, etc. We have a database of behavioral based interview questions that we can share to help ensure your gaining adequate insight into the candidate’s skills and qualifications.
  6. Candidate Follow-up:  Sedona AG Services contacts the candidate as soon as possible after the interview to gain their thoughts and opinions on your organization, the interviewer, the position, and generally how they feel the interview went.
  7. Client Follow-up: Sedona AG Services will contact the client as soon as possible after the interview to review the strengths, areas of potential development, and general “gut feel” of the interviewer’s thoughts on the candidate.
  8. The Offer: Because Sedona AG Services is also an employer of Agricultural professionals, we understand the importance of building an offer that meets the expectations of your company and the candidate. We can work with you and the candidate to help facilitate a healthy discussion around the total compensation package being offered. Sedona AG Services often can be looked at as a third-party to receive honest and open feedback. This honesty often leads to clear communication and bringing a candidate into your organization as smoothly as possible for both parties.

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