Co-Employment Work Plan

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What:     Who: When:
Hiring / Screening of New Hire: Sedona AG Services: Conduct phone interviews, face-to-face interview if applicable, reference and criminal background checks, drug screening, making offer, preparing employee hiring agreement/contract, etc.  Co-employment guidelines communicated to Client.

Client: agreement on employee compensation structure, employee benefit package, etc.


On Boarding of Employee: Sedona AG Services: Completion of pre-employment paperwork.  Communication of: 1) Employee handbook & company protocols, 2) Outline Sedona and Client management team, explanation of management team duties/roles, i.e. who does employee report to, interaction frequency expectations, etc., 3)  Call reporting guidelines
Management of Employee: Sedona AG Services: Daily / Weekly communication with Employee to confirm “Measurements of Success” are being met according to Client’s expectations. Provide employee feedback regarding performance and expectations.  Perform Ride-alongs as necessary.  Monitor/discuss call reports

Client: Daily / Weekly communication with Sedona AG services and Employee,  perform RAL’s as necessary

Communication of Expectations/Goals: Sedona AG Services with message confirmation from Client.
Tracking of Goal progression: Sedona AG Services will work with Client to confirm goals and processes to achieve goals.
Performance Reviews / Performance Coaching: Sedona AG Services will perform all employee evaluations as the employee(s)’ legal employer. Sedona will look to Client for feedback on performance.
IT Support / Customer List / CRM Management:  Client
Technical Information (hard skills): Client: Product information / knowledge / training of product(s).
Payroll / Expense    Reimbursement: Sedona AG Services